Top quality pedigreed Californians, Rex, & Florida Whites for show and meat. 

The Mullendore Farm Rabbitry

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 Handcrafted gourmet candies, chocolates and baked goods reminiscent of grandma's kitchen 

Mullendore Farm Confectionery

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 Micro-Dairy focusing on quality goats for production and show 

The Dairy

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KuneKune Pigs

We are patiently awaiting our first babies from my breeder friend in Texas. Once she has a genetically diverse breeding "starter pack" figured out for me, I will be getting our double registered babies. Please...

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Hi everyone! I am not allowed to have a shopping cart on my own personal website, so if you see something here that you would like to purchase or learn more about, please contact me,...

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Mullendore Farm Confectionery

Ever since I was a small child, I have loved the smells and memories associated with my Grandma and Mom's baking. Every Sunday after church, I would run across the street to the house my...

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