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The struggle is real, or first world problems...

What an incredible pain in the rear this blog is becoming. Apparently, there is no way to reply to your comments, so I need to add an app...or HTML...or something or I can put another way to deal with the comments/replies/reviews onto the blog.

I think my head is about to explode. I am NOT a computer geek. Not in the slightest. If only I could find WHERE to insert the HTML, lol. I've read so many articles, tried to find youtube videos, but one has massive audio issues and the other is for the "old" Wix blog.

SO...bear with me friends. I am going to have to get someone to help me, or I may lose my cotton picking mind.

I'm going to keep posting...blabbing...musing...honing my craft...(stop laughing!!) Even if I cannot reply here, you can message me through the candy store, or my email is

Eventually, I'll have this figured out. I want to be able to converse and get to know you, too!

No that that part is done...what did I do today?

We currently have a 4 week old litter of livestock guardian puppies that we took pics and video of for prospective new families.

I pissed off a 4 yr old mare who is not halter broke, by having the nerve to lock her in a barn away from her buddies,

I pissed off my stallion by not putting said 4 year old mare into his pen, since she is acting like a total whore.

I made 2 butter cakes & two pans of lemon bars.

I got to hang out with my teenager hens in the coop. I love my girls, being with them relaxs me so much. Sitting on an overturned bucket, watching the little girls scratch the dirt looking for baby grasshoppers, talking them into coming over and letting them peck at my wedding ring. (sparklies!) One or two will let me pick them up and pet them. It's so peaceful. The only thing better in my opinion, is sitting on a bale of alfalfa, listening to the horses munch hay in the evening. The sun going down and the sky is every color of rainbow sherbet (the Baskin Robbins kind with purple, orange and pink OF COURSE)...smell of hay, wood shavings, leather, horse sweat, manure (yeah, I said it)'s my heaven on Earth. Our little farm may currently be a complete train wreck, but I am so blessed to be able to have these moments.

Thanks everyone!

Jamie In Wyoming

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