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Well, here we go!

I have thought about this moment for a long time. What would I say in my very first blog post, on my very own website that I created all by myself? And of course, now it's HERE, and my mind is a complete blank.

(I have deleted and rewritten this post 4 times now....wonder if I'll make 5?)

Hi everyone, my name is Jamie Mullendore. I'm the happy wife of Adam and the lucky bonus mom to two amazing teens. I'm an entrepreneur, a confectioner/baker/recipe maker, a dog groomer, an ovarian cancer survivor, a singer, a weirdo with tattoos and piercings, a horse trainer, a Rick and Morty super fan, a wannabe crafter and gardener, a video gamer's wife who likes to watch (sounds kinky, but it isn't) and oh so much more, lol. I have a soft heart, quick wit and potty mouth at times, so you've been warned. I write very conversationally, so rules of grammar be damned! But seriously folks, if you find a misspelling or glaring error PLEASE tell me, I tend to go cross eyed editing. THANKS!

Adam & I have a small farm in rural Wyoming, where we raise rabbits, poultry, goats, livestock guardian dogs, and occasionally a baby horse or two may pop next April because my soon to be gelded stallion leapt a 6 foot tall fence to go romance my mares who were beckoning him in a less than virginal way, shall we say? I would love to say I have this AMAZING garden, but alas, I will never lie to you. Our entire property is rock, sand, clay, red ants, tumbleweeds and rams head thorns. ( I make it sound so nice, don't I?) I've tried and failed at gardening so many times. I've had grasshoppers eat my garden, goats eat my garden, hail smash my garden, I've gotten bunches of seedlings going in red solo cups only to lose track of my brain and forget to water them and they all died...yet we endeavor to persevere... I have a porch full of seedlings that need to be repotted, and I put it off again.

Our home and farm are what we politely refer to as a BIG fixer upper, or as I like to say when people are coming's the sh!thole on the left, which is quickly followed by, "but it's all paid off, so there's that." We've owned this house since 2015, and it was used as a rental for most of that time. We decided that it actually suited our needs for the farm better than the property we were on with the 4K square foot, nearly brand new home, sigh. In all honesty, now that we are over here, I do not miss it at all. (except we could host big parties, so I guess I do miss that) When my Dad passed a few years ago, we decided to sell the house with the mortgage payment, move into the old house and fix it up for ourselves. As we finish little jobs, I'll share pics of what it looked like when we tossed out the last renters. (not only GROSS dirty and BOXES of their crap left behind, but they took the doorknobs, drawer pulls, light switch plates, floor vent covers, light bulbs, dirty diapers in the floor vents, beer bottles thrown at my horses, draining their POOL into my basement...but I digress)

With this blog I look forward to sharing recipes with you, tips for making candy, projects we are doing on the farm and house, crafts, critters, any funny stories that pop up almost daily, and whatever else may strike my fancy on that particular day. I would love to interact with you all and learn from you, too. I'll probably have posts saying HELP!!! WHAT DO I DO???

A few things I will promise you will not see on my blog. They are politics, religion and bunch of pop up ads. I HATE THE ADS!!! When I want to read a story or see a recipe and they just keep going and going and going...I just give up and leave the website. I don't want that here. Is this blog attached to my online candy store? You bet it is, but I'm not going to be shoving my candy proverbially down your throat. I have always wanted to do this, even before the candy was a business.

I love ALL people regardless of race, color or creed. We are here to have fun, learn, teach, experiment, share ideas and our lives...and I do not care if you are purple polka dotted and from another galaxy, you are welcome here with me as long as you are not being a jerk.

Well, I'm going to click publish this time, although I'm sure I'll edit over and over and over.

Thank you all so much for stopping in to read my first post, I look forward to getting to know you all.

All my best,

Jamie In Wyoming

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